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Member of Mental Health Council - Veteran's Voice Long Beach, CA

My name is Joe Laguna.  Vietnam Veteran (1964 - 1969) served with MACV, 1st Signal and 1st Infantry.  Currently retired from Hughes Aircraft/Raytheon.  Member of the Mental Health Council Long Beach - Veteran's Voice.  Our mission is to assist veterans participating in mental health.  Our agenda is to ensure that all veteran's voices are heard.  Only the veteran receiving the help he/she seeks knows what works or does not work.  Programs offered by the VA are being funded if there is a demand.  Some programs fall through the cracks because there is not sufficient support.  We can ensure that this does not happen.  All veterans need to unite to be heard and receive the proper care that works.

Nice, Joe! Hughes/Raytheon is some good stuff. My Uncle used to be with Raytheon and is now with Northrop Grumann. Ron Myers. He's in Maryland.

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