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Topics for meetings

What to discuss next meeting

What new committee should be formed? What's our next problem to tackle? We've made a general survey, should we create a program specific survey?

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On Thursday after our meeting and Ti Chi. I was walking to my next appointment I came across a young vet, and I guess his mom, who had no idea where to go to get started for enrollment for benefits. I escorted them to the Information Office so he could be signed up.  Somehow we have to find a way for us to help with this process of getting new vets the help they need to get started. How do we get the information to them so they can begin the process?   This is a question we need to address.  Maybe we could design a step by step procedure list and give copies to all the points of entry to the hospital where the volunteers are located. When they (the volunteers) are asked where to go this list along with a map of the hospital grounds can be given with step by step directions on where to go first then where to go next and so on. I know it is a wild and wide idea, but maybe it is a good place to start and build from. Our main goal is to help our brother and sister veterans get the help they need. I assume! I know never assume . That a good number of new vets enrolling are for mental health issues?   If so, we could be a big help.

Another issue is how do we promote our recruitment the more vets to join the Mental Health Veterans Voice? The more Vets we have as members the louder our Voice will be heard.

That's it I will shut up now.

I agree with you frank.  reminds me when I first came to the VA. I felt like a ping pong ball, but I WAS DETERMINED to figure out what I needed to do. I'v talked to other vets and non vets and a normal response from them was the frustration of not knowing where to go, and they don't stick around because of the frustration. Not only helping those already in the system is important, but helping the new vets coming in is just as vital. Darryll H. (Mr. H)

We are receiving local recognition from the VA and local groups within the facility.  My suggestion is to work with executive boards of all the Veteran support groups and share our resources.  Veteran's Voice is probably the only council that meets on a weekly basis and therefore has the potential to be a role model if we can establish better organization and get good constructive ideas from the members.  We all need to give 100%.  Action has put us on the front page, let's keep it going.

June 28 PTSD Event:  Banner and Poster setup, Tables and Chairs, Eight different Flyers for handouts.  Be ready to speak on behalf of each flyer promoting a class.  Healing Touch, Mantram Repetition, Mindfulness & Stress Reduction, Tai Chi, Drum Circle.  Good Luck.

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