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What are some great fundraising ideas we can plan?

Was wondering if anyone had ideas on ways to "fund-raise" for our group. We will not be getting any funding from VA for our group so it's up to us. Though this is a national program by VA, with bylaws and such, they won't fund it..... great! Let's do this!

This is Our forum. Let's use it!

Brothers in Arms

We could have a raffle. My company could donate 2 items (complete skateboards). I may have some other donors. One is located where we could have the raffle.

My barber is down the street from the VA off Lakewood Blvd and Stearns. The property owner is really cool and may let us setup a tent and sell hot dogs or something while we hold the raffle. My barber can donate gift certificates as well! Something small and easy, so we can raise a few bucks at first.  Then we can grow into bigger things.

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