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Veterans Crisis Line

If you are in need of immediate emergency help, thoughts of suicide, please call the crisis line for help at 1.800.273.8255. The link below will give you the information you need.

Crisis Line Info

Also listed in the link below are local “Vet Centers” for help close to where you work and live.

Local Vet Centers

Veterans Health Education Classes and Groups

The link below will provide you a list of classes and other helpful programs offered by the VA Long Beach Mental Health Department

Classes and Programs

Mental Health Therapy


Healing Touch

Mental Health Services Survey

Here is our survey that asks questions about mental health services received while a patient at VA Long Beach. Feel free to print or download it, complete it, and send it to our email at Or you can complete it electronically and we will receive it directly.

Veterans Mental Health Services Survey

Veterans Voice Mental Health Services Survey

Which Mental Health Class or Program(s) Have you participated in?
Other Class or Program and Dr. or Intern Provider for any Class or Program
Please indicate if you agree or disagree with the following statements
Why or why not recommend?
Comments or suggestions?

Veterans Voice Bylaws

The link provided will take you to a copy of our bylaws. If you click the link it will open the bylaws in Adobe Reader to view. If you right-click, you have the option to save the file on your own computer.

Veterans Voice Bylaws

Mental Health Consumer Council (MHCC) Guide

Here is a link to the VA webpage about the MHCC and their functions within the VA. Same as above, you can click and read or save it to your own computer.

MHCC Guidlines

Promotional Flier

The link below will bring up our flier to recruit members to our group. Please print one if you’d like and tell your friends!

MHCC Vets Voice Flier