No Cafeteria Meeting

There will not be a cafeteria meeting this week Wednesday due to illness. If you’re sick and have caught this big that’s been going around, feel better soon.

Vets Voice Meeting 1-10-2019

Very productive meeting this week! Here’s what we discussed.

Betty Jamora speaking about grants today. With the Elks. They can help with volunteers.

She gave us $2500. We have to track what we spend. So the grant is from the Elks National Foundation.

Grant went under Veterans. Broken up four ways. SCI, PVA, Community Living Center and Fischer house, and PIER.

John Tyler said that the money will go into our account at volunteer services.

Non profit- waiting for the attorneys. They will set everything up for us for free. We are paying filling fee. There is a waiver for filling fees. Need to find it

Fischer house 3rd Thursday 8am.

Karl pier 24th at 11am

SCI Crystal said 31st for bbq- may alternate pier and sci every other month

Social on the 25th

No animal cert on VA premises. Have to go to city or county, or pound. You get a gold plate that proves it. Animal must be fully trained to be on the premises.

Jco doing an inspection. Mainly looking to ensure patient info isn’t exposed.

Nav station- if you’re at the station, mental health dept requires computer access.

100% service connected can now fly space-a or “mac” flight.

Polo shirts- can only spend so much on each card. Will get done.

Left Right Center

Veteran Eric Naff American Legion 496
Two safeties

Every Tuesday at American Legion post 496 at 1730, they have a game of “left,right,center”. It’s really fun and everyone has an awesome time!

Post 496 is a Lakewood chapter but is in Long Beach. Nearest cross streets are Parkcrest and Woodruff. The address is 5938 Parkcrest St. See you there!

Veterans Voice Meeting 1-3-2019

We had our first meeting of the new year. Here’s what we’re talking about.

  • Vote on wether family that’s a member gets to vote
  • SCI bbqs. Tentative 31st now definite
  • Betty gamora coming in to speak next meeting
  • Pier every other month, sci every month for bbqs
  • Future grants, document how we use the money
  • Activities for the CLC
  • Any new events coming so we can set up a booth
  • Problem with the nav station
  • 145 collected today for 501c
  • Town hall January 9 12-2 asking about mileage

Lots to accomplish in the new year!

Veterans Voice Council Meeting 11.15.2018

We got a lot accomplished this past week! We got our new banner made, new cards came in, and we had the Veterans Day Celebration/ground breaking at the VA Long Beach.

Veterans Voice Long Beach
Veterans Voice at the ground breaking for the new mental health facility
Trains Veterans Voice
Model train exhibit at Veterans Day Celebration
Car mustang Veterans Voice VA Long Beach
Car show at the VA Long Beach celebration
Veterans Voice business cards
Cards are looking snappy!

Today the banner was unveiled and we started getting info for possible grants we may receive. The social is tomorrow in the patio behind the cafeteria, not the last Friday. December the social is next to last Friday as well. As usual it starts at 0830.

Join us next Thursday at 0800, room K-102, bldg. 128.

Veterans Day Celebration at VA Long Beach

We had a great time at the Veterans day celebration/ground breaking at VA Long Beach! The ground breaking was for the new mental health facility being built. Great attendance and the Veterans Voice Council was out in force….

Veterans Voice at ground breaking

Veterans Voice Council mustang car show
Sweet car show!

Veterans Voice Meeting 11-1-18

We’re still plugging away at tasks around the VA Long Beach! We’ve added a few members and have some new volunteers. Here’s what else is going on-

  • Ground breaking for the new metal health building
  • We are planning a BBQ for SCI for the 14th of November. Any volunteers would be appreciated.
  • On the 9th at 9am, food service begins in the “egg” for employee appreciation day.
  • The social last month was a success