Veterans Voice Meeting August 16 2018

We’re moving forward and have some great things planned for the Long Beach VA! We are the Veterans Voice Council. New logo in the works and a great team to keep this great organization going. Here’s what we were talking about at todays meeting-

  • Every third Thursday we (Jim Brancucci) do a breakfast at the Fisher House. Todays breakfast will be next week, Thursday. Stop by and help out!
  • For our next BBQ at the PIER, we were discussing chili dogs. Great idea and changes up the burger thing.
  • We are trying to get computers for Vets at the hospital to use. They need to do things like check email, pay bills, etc…. Volunteer services is willing to lend us one or two for the day, but need to be returned close-of-business. Any old laptops that could be donated to Veterans Voice Council would be greatly appreciated!
  • Any help with escorts or running the tables is greatly needed. It’s an hour. It’s helping fellow Vets navigate the Long Beach VA. To lend a hand, contact us at for info on how to help.
  • It looks like the kiosk trouble will plague us for a little while longer. It can’t really be fixed without doing something that would enable vets to check-in anywhere for an appointment in another building. Then when the Vet is called, they aren’t there yet. Still need to work out the travel pay section with the kiosks.
  • The social on October 26 2018 will include VSOs from various groups. Stop by and get some questions answered!
  • Darryl is now our Public Relations representative! Karl is now our Social Relations representative!

See you next Thursday at 8am in K-102!