Veterans Voice Long Beach, Ca.

Veterans Voice Mission Statement

The mission of the Veteran’s Voice Mental Health Consumer Council is to establish an equal partnership of Veterans and their families who utilize Mental Health Services in the VA in conjunction with VA mental health professionals, community partners, and Veteran Service Organizations and VISN Mental Health Leadership to improve the quality of care in VA Mental Health Services.

VA Long Beach
Veterans Hospital, Long Beach, Ca

This website is for and by veterans participating in Mental Health services at the VA Long Beach Healthcare System. We will be adding news, info, and events pertaining to the Long Beach VA. We meet in building 128 room 126 every Thursday at 8am, Long Beach VA. Stay tuned and register if you’d like to get involved! You can also email us at

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    1. Hi Frank!
      This our website for the Veterans Voice group. It’s part of the Mental Health Consumer Council at the VA Long Beach. The site is for information and communication between members and all Veterans. You can use the forum to post topics for discussion, and to reply to other vets topics that have been posted. This way, we can all stay in contact even though we aren’t at the VA Long Beach on a particular day. We are still adding to and building the site. Have a look around and glad to see you here!

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